Israel’s New Strategy

Steven den Beste has a great theory on the new Israeli strategy of reoccupying the West Bank after each new attack against Israel. I believe that his notion of what’s going on is probably pretty close to what the actual strategy is. Still, the question remains, will his new policy of reoccupation help quell the violence?

At this point, one can only hope. However, it is also possible that the Palestinian cult of death has been so effective in spreading their hatred and blood-lust than not even occupation can end the bloodshed. In that case, Israel will be forced to raise the stakes, and the consequences would be catastrophic.

If the Palestinians have any desire to live in freedom, they must reject Arafat’s embrace of death. Yet it appears that the Palestinians may truly be trapped by their own rigid ideology and the demented bloodlust of those who would use Islam as a weapon against the free peoples of the world.

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