Rep. McKinney (D-Saudi Arabia)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a good article on Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s ties to Arab-American groups, some of which are linked to terrorist activity. Now recieving funds from Arab-American groups is one thing, but recieving funds from groups linked to terror activities such as the American Muslim Council.

Not everyone is happy with McKinney’s relationship with some Arab-Americans. The conservative Southeastern Legal Foundation, based in Atlanta, has charged that some of her donors have pledged support for organizations engaged in terrorism.

McKinney receives much more then Congressman who represent far more Arab-Americans in their districts. Taken with McKinney’s statements, it is beginning to appear that Rep. McKinney is more interested in representing the interests of Arab groups than her American constituency. Representing Arab-Americans is one thing, but turning a blind eye to terrorism is entirely another.

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