More Reasons Why Arafat’s Toast

The al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigate has said that it
wants to strike at US and Zionist targets everywhere
until Bush relents his call for the Palestinians to remove Arafat.

Um guys, are you out of your goat-sodomizing, Jew-hating minds? The last idiots who wanted to go and make jihad on us are either stuck in a cave or splattered all over one. If you honestly think that we’ll give in to you if you so much as say "boo" in our country, you got another thing coming. We have a Texan in the White House, and Texans don’t take shit from anyone. Least of all you. Consider yourselves warned.

Of course, that’s if you don’t get killed by your own people first:

In the Gaza City march, the demonstrators expressed their anger at the PA, accusing it of corruption, but stopped short of attacking Arafat. At the end of the rally, demonstrators shouted slogans in support of Arafat in response to Bush’s call to oust him, according to a Palestinian source. But in general, the mood was against the PA, the source added.

"There is no problem with al-Khetiar [the old man], but all faces around him must be removed," said Ahmad el-Laham of the Khan Yunis refugee camp, as others nodded agreement.

"Some of those who should be serving the public are robbing the public," said Tawfik al-Mashwaki. He said he traveled five hours through Israeli checkpoints to attend the rally.

Most of the demonstrators were Palestinian laborers. The crowd marched on Arafat’s damaged headquarters to express its anger.

"I warn that there is a hunger revolution coming… It is not politics anymore, it is survival," said Bassam Abu Sharif, an adviser to Arafat.

Demonstrators demanded PA jobs or stipends. Several demonstrators held up empty plates. Others accused officials of embezzling foreign aid.

"Where is the money we see donated by Arab nations on our TV screens? We get nothing," a man shouted. "It was stolen," others responded.

Arafat better be shaking in his jackboots, because his own people would rather eat than blow up Jews. Blowing up Jews doesn’t put food on their table or get them jobs. Using everything you can get to support your little "martyrdom operations" doesn’t exactly leave much for food and schools, does it? Now Arafat and the PA are going to pay the price, and all it’s going to take is someone popular and charismatic to start talking about building things rather than blowing things up, and Arafat’s gone. In the end, it looks like the Palestinians would rather have food than terror.

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