The Mystery Deepens

The mystery of the death of anywhere from 20-60 Afgans at a wedding in an area where the US was responding to an attack by what they believed to be anti-aircraft fire. Now it’s has been determined that that a US B-52 that had a bomb miss its target was not responsible for the civilian casualties.

The suspects have been narrowed down to either a US AC-130 Spectre gunship or possibly falling AAA shells from the gun that the US forces believed they were being attacked by. Whatever happened, it was a tragic accident, but it is also possible that the Afghan practice of firing into the air for celebrations may have contributed to the problem. (It is possible that the Afghans weren’t just firing small arms into the air, as groups in that area often use everything from rockets to small mortars for such celebrations.) Hopefully the investigation will help prevent such incidents from occuring again.

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