Teed Off

Duh-News has a good bit on a women’s group who wants to force the Augusta National Golf Club to accept women. It’s another example of how the idea of "diversity" has overpowered all common sense. This idea of artificial diversity and multiculturalism have become almost religious in modern society even though they do more harm than good.

If this lawsuit passes, I think I might sue the National Council of Women’s Organizations for discrimination. After all, I don’t see a lot of white conservative males in their group, so clearly they must be guilty of sexism and racism and are violating my rights to join idiotic groups that are in urgent need of a clue.

One thought on “Teed Off

  1. Oh, brother. Is Augusta a private organization? Do they receive any federal funding? Are there alternate facilities available for somebody to play golf?

    Then what’s the big deal? Why should I care if a private club restricts its membership?

    I don’t have a girlfriend right now. There is no lissome, nubile female form sharing my bed. Where’s the justice? How can those darned women justify this blatant discrimination! I deserve a girlfriend right now!

    If I weren’t too embarrassed to take this to court, I’d, uh… take this to court.

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