Due Process Goes Out The Window

The US has dropped its
demands for immunity from prosecution by the International Criminal Court
, instead opting for a one year deferral. This move is considered a major diplomatic reversal for the Bush Administration.

It’s also a very poor move, especially as our attack on Iraq looms in the near future. The ICC is designed to be nothing more than a kangeroo court that violates nearly every legal protection of our Constitution. It’s an undemocratic mess in which any tinpot dictator can drag anyone into this Court for nearly any reason.

While the Europeans may whine, Bush should announce a policy of complete non-compliance with the ICC until its legal protections are acceptable under the US Constitution. The justifications for prosecution are so vague that as to be virtually non-existent, and the procedures and jurisdictions of the ICC violate the basic priniciples of due process in this country. Until these issues are firmly dealt with, the US should simply say no to the ICC.

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