Pardon The Dust

Another bout of insomnia = another site redesign.

I wanted to add a little bit of room to what I thought was a rather cluttered design, so the nav bars have been condensed from two on either side to one on the left. This gives more room for the entries and should help add some visual breathing room to the design as a whole. Also, some XHTML errors have been fixed, even though the RDF code for TrackBack means that the page still won’t quite validate. (Although it’s more compliant that it was.) As always, feel free to send me some e-mail, or leave a comment on this entry if you care to comment on the new design. (Then again, I’ll probably change it around again soon anyway…)

Also new is the search feature, which lets you search past entries to the site. In the future, look for an advanced search feature as well as comment searching.

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