Apple Does The Right Thing

Apple is making the iPod work with Windows (you’ll probably still need a FireWire port, however.)

This is a very smart move for Apple. They’re realizing that marketing their product to more than 5% of the market is a good thing. The iPod is a great piece of technology, easy to use, powerful, and extremely useful. If they can translate the ease-of-use of iTunes to the PC, it’s going to make the iPod the king of the MP3 player market. In fact, I’m now seriously considering getting one for myself. (My old Diamond Rio is getting very long in the tooth and costed nearly as much as an iPod when it was released.)

Now, if Apple ported OS X to Intel they’d see their sales figure go shoot through the roof… are you listening Steve?

UPDATE: Looks like the Windows version will sync with Musicmatch Jukebox, although expect other programs to offer iPod support. And you will need a FireWire port to use the iPod.

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