The Death Of A Terrorist

Israel’s attack that killed the leader of the military wing of Hamas is already being criticized by the usual suspects. The attack in Gaza Citiy killed 15, including Sheikh Salah Shehada and his wife and 3 children.

The civilian casualties are unfortunate, but Shehada has the blood of hundreds of innocent Israelis on his hands. These militants have been sheltered by the Palestinian people for far too long. They continue to kill more and more Israelis with their suicide attacks. Israel is doing what it must to defend itself against these attacks however it can.

The Palestinian people are being held hostage by Shehada and his ilk. They are using a nation as nothing more than a pool of human bombs. They talk about how the Israelis have oppressed them while ensuring that the Palestinian people are kept in poverty. They talk more about killing Jews than giving their own people the chance to prosper. Until they are gone and their ideas rejected, peace will be only a dream.

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