A Clear And Present Danger

The Washington Post has a good piece on the latest intel aboutIn Saddam’s capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction. He could be a lot closer to having a major biological or chemical weapon capacity than we think.

I’m beginning to join those who think that going after Iraq is something that needs to be done ASAP. The timing is not going to get any better, and we no longer can afford to wait while the terrorist groups that we’ve been able to disrupt continue to regroup. Hussein, while he may not be able to strike directly, could easily pass off a few vials of whatever virus "Blue Nile" is to al-Qaeda or another such group.

Unless we take down these laboratories and remove Hussein, that nightmare scenario becomes more rather than less likely. Iraq is a clear and present danger to the United States, and one that needs to be dealt with forthwith… and then we can start talking about toppling the House of Saud.

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