The Baghdad Connection

The White House is now offering guarded confirmation of a
meeting between Muhammad Atta and an Iraqi agent
in Prague in the summer before September 11. There had been denials of this meeting by the FBI and CIA, but the evidence does indeed hold up.

I still maintain that there is a high probability that the source of the anthrax attacks of last October was Iraq, and the September 11 hijackers sent the letters. There’s probably insufficient evidence to prove this theory, but the trail of circumstantial evidence is intreguing. We know Iraq has had an interest in anthrax and biological weapons, and would have the resources to weaponize anthrax. One of the September 11 hijackers was treated for symptoms of what could have been cutaneous anthrax. Now there’s considerable evidence that there’s an Iraqi connection with the hijackers. Granted, none of that is remotely conclusive, but the possibility has certainly not been ruled out, despite the sayings of the same agencies that missed the September 11 plot in the first place.

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