Screening For Intelligence And Finding None

The story of the
woman forced to drink three bottles of breast milk
by heavy-handed security officials has become a talk-radio phenomenon this week, with mentions on both local New York shows and Sean Hannity’s radio program.

This incident just shows that our airline security personnel seem to have the common sense and intelligence of a warm bucket of spit. Who would honestly be stupid enough to think that order not to allow replica weapons on a flight would would take away a 2 inch GI Joe plastic gun? It’s clear that there are some immensely stupid people who have been charged with airline safety these days. I doubt that the federal screeners will be any better.

I’m reminded of an eerily relevant scene from the less-than-classic film Airplane II. It shows a security checkpoint in which an old woman is being thoroughly frisked by security officers while a group of men carrying machine guns and rocket launchers walk right through. Unfortunately for airline passengers, that scene is becoming more a reality than a parody.

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