It Takes One To Know One

The Saudis, hotbed of violent Wahabi Islam are accusing America of harboring religious fundamentalists. Yup, the home of 15 people who killed nearly 3000 people in one fell swoop, a state that pays off families who send their children to blow up Jews and kill themselves, and a state that continually broadcasts messages condoning genocide, thinks it’s the Christians that are the problem.

One newspaper, al-Watan, said Christian fundamentalism was no less dangerous to international peace and security than other forms of religious extremism.

Let’s see, how many Christian fundamentalists have hijacked civilian airliners and plowed them into heavily occupied buildings. How about we make a comparison of human rights practices in predominantly Christian countries versus predominantly Muslim ones, shall we?

Christian fundamentalism, with the exception of a handful of nutcases, is essentially pacifist. I don’t see Christians marching in the streets celebrating every time a group of Muslims are killed – if anything, they’re holding vigils for peace. When I listen to a Christian minister or priest, I don’t hear them calling for the death of every Muslim. In fact, compared to the kind of hatred spread by the House of Saud’s allies, the so-called "evils" of Christian fundamentalism sound downright appealing. So given the choice between this:

Ned Flanders - (c)2002 Fox Television

and this:

Osama bin Laden

I think the choice is pretty clear.

2 thoughts on “It Takes One To Know One

  1. Ann Coulter: “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.”

    Well, there’s one for you… not to mention the numerous tirades against Saddam Hussein we here frequently enough from the right, including our own beloved “unelected and deeply stupid Texan oil-spiv” (quote from Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and all-around jackass… unfortunately, with S.J. Gould dead, he’s the leading authority in the world on evolutionary theory… )

  2. Ann Coulter has killed how many people? (Not to mention “converted.”) And you’re actually using the president’s “tirades” against _Saddam Hussein_ as proof of some sort of moral equivalence between Christian fundamentalists and Muslim terrorists? If those are the most terrifying examples of fanatic faith that the “Christians” can come up with then the Muslims win that contest by miles.

    You know, I’m not even religious, but I’m getting a little tired of hearing about how evil the Christians are, that they’re as bad — no, worse — than those cute, exotic brown people over there in that funny hot land. Hardline Muslim fundamentalists make even the most puritanical Christian congregation in America look like a Motley Crue backstage after-show party.

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