The War Within The West

USS Clueless points to an article by John Fonte that
discusses the internal war within the West
between those who still believe in the nation-state and those who want it to be superceded by international law.

The concept of patriotism is already taboo for most of Europe. Post-September 11 a German friend of mine remarked that displays of flag-waving and patriotism would never occur in Germany. Part of this is due to the catastrophic rise of radical German nationalism in both World Wars, but another part is due to a system which looks down upon national identity and patriotism. The elites of Europe seem to be all too willing to susume their national identities to the European Union, despite the skepticism of many Europeans.

This "transnational identity" movement is an extremely dangerous movement, as their vision of democracy is one that is antithetical to individual rights and basic freedoms. Instead, they view democracy as being based on coalitions of "victims" that rule equally.

Societies that base their value systems on perfect equity invariably fail or quicly decend into tyranny. The post-American post-Constitutional future invisioned by these transnationalists would be one in which the "dominant" group would essentially be declared second-class citizens. The NGOs idolized by the internationalists are anti-American to a fault, and notoriously soft on truly repressive regimes. The transnational vision of these groups is something that must be vigorously opposed or the freedoms that have made the United States the world’s only remaining superpower will disappear in a flurry of UN mandates and bureaucratic punishments.

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