The EU’s "Silent Genocide"

Stephen Den Beste has a good piece on why the EU’s anti-GM corn crusade is responsible for making African famines worse. The Luddism of the EU in regards to genetically modified foods borders on the insane. There is no credible scientific evidence that genetically modified food products are any more harmful than "natural" foods.

Furthermore, the process of genetically altering food plants has been going on for centuries through crossbreeding of various strains. The only difference is that the process is made more efficient through genetical engineering. With the kind of rigorous testing that goes on in the United States, the furor over GM crops is based on nothing more than scientific ignorance.

What makes this even more egregious is the fact that the EU is willing to sit by and watch as sub-Saharan Africa suffer massive famines rather than accept crops from these nations that might have been crossed with GM crop stocks. The Europeans harmful trade policies towards the Third World prove that they have no moral position from which to criticize US policy.

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