When Will The NEA Learn?

The Blogosphere is abuzz about the National Education Association’s recommendations to teachers not to place blame for September 11. (Well on anything other than America that is.)

But another of the suggested NEA lesson plans — compiled together under the title "Remember September 11" and appearing on the teachers union health information network Web site — takes a decidedly blame-America approach, urging educators to "discuss historical instances of American intolerance," so that the American public avoids "repeating terrible mistakes."

"Internment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor and the backlash against Arab Americans during the Gulf War are obvious examples," the plan says. "Teachers can do lessons in class, but parents can also discuss the consequences of these events and encourage their children to suggest better choices that Americans can make this time."

Yes, on the first anniversary of an attack that claimed 3000 innocent lives, the NEA wants to talk about how bad America is.

Fuck ’em.

It’s nothing more than the typical simpleminded pathology of the Left in action. No matter what the problem, America is at fault. Despite all the pseudo-intellectual argumentation that surrounds it, that is always the core of their argument. America is racist, sexist, and imperialist. We’re responsible for all the ills of the Third World, and our very presence pollutes the Earth.

Then there’s the America that we all know. A place where the FDNY and the NYPD selflessly put themselves in harms way to save the men and women trapped in the World Trade Center. Where our soliders fought and died a world away to save a people most of them had only read about from the evils of Nazism. Where each day, we send more food aid out to other nations than any other nation on Earth. The America we live in is one where freedom still prevails, and a nation that still acts like a beacon of freedom to the darkest corners of the world.

It’s too bad the Left chooses not to live in that America, because its a damn good place. Then again, it’s easier for some people to ignore that America rather than admit that their ideas are contrary to the vision which sustains it.

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