Goodbye Rep. Awful!

UPDATE (11:46 CST):
The fat lady has sung. McKinney is giving her concession speech, but none of the national networks seems to be carrying it. Such are the travails of a hardcore news junkie…

Thankfully, Reid Stott has come through with the scoop before the mainstream media can. McKinney is blaming the Republicans crossover voting for her loss, which is partially true. However, I’m sure that there were a lot of Democrats that are sick of her rantings as well. As much as I hate to cheer for a Democrat, my congratulations to Denise Majette for her win.

UPDATE (11:26 CST):
Then again, maybe
she won’t give a concession speech
. This could get interesting…

Meanwhile, Fox5 in Atlanta has called the race for Majette.

UPDATE (11:00 CST):
With 95% of precincts reporting it’s still 60% Majette and 40% McKinney. Expect McKinney to start blaming a massive Jewish conspiracy for her loss at any minute. I’d love to see her concession speech…

McKinney is still at 40% of the vote, and Majette has 60% with 87% of precincts reporting. At this point, it looks like McKinney is a goner. I believe a celebratory beer is now in order.

Reid Stott now has a report that says that Cynthia McKinney may be in deep trouble. Bill Shipp has this to say about the race:

InsiderAdvantage reports at this hour 84 out of 161 precincts in DeKalb—Denise Majette 28,916 v. Cynthia McKinney 15,896. This includes areas considered McKinney precincts, where McKinney is carrying approximately 75% of that vote. The trend suggests that Majette may be headed to an upset victory and according to top DeKalb observers, "McKinney will need a miracle to pull this one out."

While Laurence Simon says McKinney will try to get on the ballot as a write-on candidate, and he’s quite likely right, it still looks like Rep. McKinney (D-Saudi Arabia) is not going to be the Democratic candidate this November. Which is a good thing for the Democrats, and for the nation.

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