Stupid World Summit = Stupid Protestors

As expected, the Sustainable Development Summit in Johannesburg
has already attracted the typical lunatic fringe
of Green protestors, anti-nuclear activists, and Greenpeace wackos. They’ve promised more of the same rediculous protests that have marred other international summits.

What strikes me as odd about these protestors is the pointlessness of it all. They’re protesting something that is essentially working towards their agenda. Yet because they see the "rich" countries as being in on it, they assume that whatever comes out of this summit will instantly be tainted. Never mind that the whole purpose of the summit is to reduce world poverty and create the kind of ecologically sustainable development that such groups want.

From my experience with protestors, the majority of them just have no clue. They’re a roving pack of Don Quixotes, tilting at whatever windwills they happen to see. Their mindset is as simple as "if it has anything to do with anything that makes sense, it must be bad," Most of them just want to rebel against their typical affluent upbringings, and the rest just want to get high and get laid. Most of them couldn’t care less about what they’re protesting, as long as it was counter to what they see as "the mainstream."

This summit will be no different from the last Earth Summit, which produced tons of wasted paper and gave the prostitutes of Rio the best summer for business ever. Another unworkable and punitive treaty will be bandied about, regardless of its effects on the world’s economy, and nothing effective will be done for the world’s poor.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the US, some inventor is coming up with a piece of technology that will save millions of lives, and help reduce the level of poverty across the world. That person won’t need a summit of world leaders to do it, and will be aided by the kind of technologically-driven capitalism that this summit wants to do away with.

2 thoughts on “Stupid World Summit = Stupid Protestors

  1. Greens are stabbing themselves in the foot, there is no doubt about that. Ever since the party was hijacked by Darth Nader and the Ecoterrorists (sounds like a good name for a band, come to think of it), they’ve been nothing but worthless fanatics. Oh well.

    Now R.U. Sirius’s “Revolution (R)”… there’s a party I can agree with… well, more than any of the other pathetic excuses we have for political parties these days…

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