The Move Towards Freedom

The Guardian (yes, occasionally even they have articles that aren’t laced with idiotarianism) is reporting on the slow movement towards freedom in Iran. Already, the Internet is creating a kind of samizdat movement, underground rock bands are thriving, and many NGOs are working towards a more free Iranian society.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to hear Benjamin Netanyahu speak at the Center for the American Experiment’s annual briefing. One of the things he said that truly stuck with me was a kind of Law of Democratic Thermodynamics – that freedom would always flow from countries that are more free to those that are less free. He specifically mentioned Iran as an example of a nation where that principle was in effect. It appears as though Mr. Netanyahu was right.

Iran is much like the Soviet Union at its fall – while still under the boot of a tyrannical regime, the people are already starting to create the means to bring a free society out once the old one falls. The Iranian people have seen what freedom is like, and they know that living under the rule of the mullahs will never bring them to that freedom. From now, it’s only a matter of time and of resolve before the Iranian theocracy falls.

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