The Abu Nidal Mystery

The Telegraph is reporting that
Saddam Hussein is responsible for the death of Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal in Baghdad
. The report says that Hussein was enraged that Nidal would not train al-Qaeda fighters in northern Iraq to attack the United States.

This report raises some very difficult questions. We know that al-Qaeda is in northern Iraq and have created training camps in the region. If Saddam is in collusion with al-Qaeda, and working towards attacks against US interests, that would be more than enough justification for an attack against Iraq. If Saddam is willing to risk working with al-Qaeda and helping them train, there’s a good chance that he would give them full access to his collection of weapons of mass destruction. A WMD in the hands of al-Qaeda is simply unacceptable for the interests of world peace. It is clear that Hussein is a clear and present danger, and must be eliminated as soon as possible, with or without the support of other nations.

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