Not With A Clue

This week a group called "Not In Our Name" took out a full page ad in The New York Times publically stating that they are a bunch of whiny idiots… I mean serious and noble defenders of the Bill of Rights.

Dissident artists, intellectuals, and professors find
their views distorted, attacked, and suppressed.

The wording of this phrase is interesting… disorted, attacked, and suppresed. Since when is it so terrible that someone’s views are challenged in this country?

Perhaps I’m reading a bit too deeply into this, but it sounds to me like these people are mainly mad that they’re not relevant anymore. After all, who gives a set of fetid dingo’s kidneys about what Jane Fonda or Ed Asner think about the war? Moreover, what right do some of these people on the list who actively worked to undermine the American way of life (I’m looking at you, Hanoi Jane…) have to suddenly say that they’re the brave dissenters trying to save it from itself.

If they don’t want these actions to be in their name, so much the better. If they’re so vain as to think that all actions of the United States have to bear their personal sanction of approval, then they can go to hell. This isn’t about them – it’s about ensuring that no more Americans are killed in service of a mad ideology of death and terror.

One thought on “Not With A Clue

  1. “Asking why we are in the Middle East, may be a valid question, but to not support our troops and their families, is not a valid answer.”
    The United States was built on the foundation of three main pillars: Liberty, Justice and Peace. Regretfully, Liberty and Justice are obsolete in the absence of Peace. The initials of proud mean: Peace Reigns Only Under Defense and history has proven that fact.
    “Where the dove’s not welcome, the eagle must go.” The sooner they get that message, the sooner the violence will cease.

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