Why They Hate Us…

Ralph Peters points out one of the key factors of why America is a sucess and the Middle East is not. Hint, it has something to do with the fact that half of the Middle East’s population is kept virtually shackeled.

Oh, and those 70 virgins? Sounds like a lot of dreary work to me. I’ll take one American career-woman any day (ain’t nothing like a major babe in a tailored suit who picks up the dinner tab).

American women kick ass. And that’s the best news since humanity mastered fire, the wheel and the process of fermentation.

Amen to that one…

One thought on “Why They Hate Us…

  1. The funny thing is I was speaking with a linguist and he informed me that the passage in the muslim scripture that speaks of the “72 virgins” could also be translated to “72 grapes.” Obviously the government of that country gave it the definition that was most convenient for them to inspire their troops to fight harder.

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