Who’s Chicken Now?

Hesiod accuses supporters of an invasion of Iraq
of being afraid of Saddam Hussein

Excuse me, but the last time I looked, it wasn’t the warbloggers who were saying that so much as touching Iraq would cause a massive recession, worldwide nuclear war, and generally cause havoc with the whole world.

Now who’s afraid of Saddam?

One thought on “Who’s Chicken Now?

  1. The sacrifice is commonly thought to be His death; but if we really pay attention to how it transpired we will find that His sacrifice was His life and not His death. His last words before he died were “it is finished,” implieing that His mission was complete before His death, implieing that His sacrifice was His life and not His death. Or he would of said “it is finished” when He rose the third day and not before He died. Spirituality implies growth or there would be no point to it. That means that as the spirit grows, so does our knowledge of it. That means that by logical consecuence the truths of yesterday are not neccessarally the truths of today and if we really comprehend the true meaning of the ten commandments, the biggest sin of them all, is to ignore truth. In other words, to know what is wrong and do it anyway is the ultimate sin. We must also realize that Truths cannot be created, they can only discovered. It was the giving up of the comodaties of heaven to suffer in the flesh that was the sacrifice, because by definition sacrifice is the giving up of something for something else and God cannot die; but He could how ever and did, give up all that He had in heaven, to come suffer here with us, if only for a while. But this in no way is intended as an insult to Mr. Gibson and his awsome job and vision on “the Passion of the Christ.” Our intent should never be to challenge the facts, but instead to merely challenge there explinations.

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