Blogging For Buffy

Meryl Yourish is trying to initiate the Buffyication
of the blogosphere
by having an all-day Buffy the Vampire Slayer blogburst.

Unfortunately, I don’t watch a lot of TV, which means I’ve only seen a handful of Buffy episodes. However, the ones I’ve seen have been quite good, and if I ever had the time to sit down and start getting into the show, I’d probably watch it more often.

That being said, I have been turned into a major Joss Whedon (the creator of Buffy) fan by his latest show Firefly. Think of Firefly as a kind of outer-space Western with a cast of very interesting characters, some brilliantly witty dialogue, and a very interesting premise. The show revolves around a group of likeable rogues led by Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) who are living on the edge of the civilized universe trying to get along as best they can. It’s nowhere near as sterile as Star Trek and stands mainly on its snappy humor and attitude. Of course, it’s on Fox, which means that it probably won’t last long, but it is a rare treat for network television, and it is most definitely worth watching.

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