This Just In: Osama Still Dead

Afghan President Hamid Karzai
says that he believes Osama bin Laden is dead
. (So does Aimee Deep, although her sources can’t be verified.)

Then again, the anti-war crowd still thinks he’s a greater threat to the US than Saddam Hussein. Last time I checked, a splatter of decaying tissue buried under tons of rubble can’t develop or use weapons of mass destruction.

One thought on “This Just In: Osama Still Dead

  1. Osama is not frend to Muslims. Osama murdered Muslims who flew kits, listened to music or played soccor. Osama murdered Americans, Afgani and many others. Osama claims America is Islams enemy, but this does not even make any truth. The truth is that America gives billions to over 100 countries and some of the countries are Muslim. America the U.N and NATO helped to stop the “ethnic cleansing” or murdering of ethnic Muslims. America and G8 helped stop Saddam 10 years ago from murdeing Kuwaiti. In America do you see Muslims being oppressesd or mistreated? I do hear of isolated hate crimes, but Muslims can enjoy religous freedom here in America. Osama is a misguided, uneducated, religous nut who says the Koran says it is of Islam to murder. It is Osama who is an enemy of Islam.

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