The Horrors Of War

Steven Den Beste has a piece that explains that being hawkish does not mean that one is pro-war. It’s one of those pieces that’s simply not possible to read without it getting to you.

When I talk about the necessity of removing Saddam Hussein, I do it with the knowledge that there’s a chance that I could be asked by my country to serve as a part of that invasion. Chances are there won’t be draft, but it could happen. I’m also going into this knowing that there are a lot of people my age, some of whom I know who would be likely to be asked to put their lives on the line for this task.

The reason why I still support this action is because I know that the risks of not supporting it are far greater. We all still bear the pain of September 11, even these many months afterwards. We know the threats that are out there, and we dare not allow such atrocity to ever again visit these shores.

Yes, war is hell. However, we’re already in a war foisted upon us by our enemies. Our only way to end this is through victory – no other options are remotely acceptable.

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