Tommy Gets A Clue

Tom Daschle has finally decided to drop his opposition to the resolution on Iraq. Needless to say,
some are upset by this

Apparently supporting action against Iraq that is supported by 60%-70% of the American people is a horrendous political mistake. As much as a dislike defending the Democrats, not supporting an Iraq resolution would be tantamount to political suicide. The people who are complaining the most about Iraq represent only a small fringe who are unlikely to switch parties anyway. Daschle was only reading the writing on the wall when he switched positions, as any smart politician would given the circumstances.

One thought on “Tommy Gets A Clue

  1. Good. Now we just need to get enough of our fellow nations to foot the bill for this expedition, and we can be off to hunt Saddam- and, hopefully, rebuild the country. At a recent talk, Tim Johnson was citing a cost for both conducting the war and rebuilding the country when we’re done at between $150 and $200 billion dollars- a sum we can’t afford on our own. Germany, Japan, and Saudi Arabia let us do the heavy lifting in the Gulf War, and footed a good portion of the bill, but it’s going to take more than just them this time around. We’re going to need the whole EU to chip in on this one if we’re going to do the job right.

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