Bleat The Press

Members of the White House Press Corps are complaining about the White House not giving them the information they want, especially things like detailed information about potential Iraqi invasion plans.

"If the National Hurricane Center were as stingy with its information, there would be thousands dead," John Roberts, the senior CBS News White House correspondent, deadpanned in his West Wing broadcast booth the other day.

Instead the White House should give reporters every little detail about our plans for Iraq so that thousands of American soldiers can die.

The fact remains we’re at war. I don’t recall reading about the White House Press Corps asking when and where we were going to invade Germany, or what we planned to do with Japan. The reason why was clear, because the press realized back then that they were around because of the free society we lived in, and the right for the society to protect itself was greater than the the right for people to know how we were going to do it.

This is yet another example of how the media establishment has lost touch with basic common sense. The right for the people to be informed about government affairs is not greater than the lives of American soldiers or American citizens. The White House is protecting American lives, and the press needs to realize that leaking war plans kills American soldiers.

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