Democratic Intolerance

Jane Galt finds a shocking
example of Democratic intolerance
coming from the head of the Democratic Underground bulletin board. Not only is it a sickening and totalitarian effort to squash debate, but it shows the real mentality of many Democratic partisans.

Republicans are evil – that’s what they honestly believe.

Ann Coulter is bad enough, but she’s distinctly in the minority. There are many in the Democratic Party who have firmly bought into the idea that Republicans want to put gays and poor people into concentration camps, bring back slavery, and watch Grandma die while spending all her money on Gucci shoes. This is a view that sadly, is not confined to the more rabid wings of the party.

There are Republicans who feel the same way about the Democrats, to be sure, but they’re a very small minority. This kind of attitude is dangerous for a political system. The other side of the ideological spectrum is not the enemy. They may be the opposition, but they’re not devils to be stopped at all costs.

Unfortunately far too many Democrats seem to hate Republicans more than they love democracy, tolerance, or common sense.

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