He Is Sam

Sean Penn spent $56,000 to take out a full-page ad in The Washington Post
criticizing President Bush’s stance on Iraq
. Obviously Penn did some considerable method acting to play the mentally disabled character in his last movie.

The whole basis of his argument is that war is bad and that violence never solves anything. Then again, tell that to a Holocaust survivor, a Sufi in Afghanistan, or anyone else who has been liberated from tyranny by military action.

Not only is Penn a bad actor, but he clearly knows nothing of history either.

2 thoughts on “He Is Sam

  1. To Jay Reding:
    It is you who is absolutely ignorant. 23 million Iraqi citizens are not called Saddam Hussein. If the U.S. really want to liberate these people, then give the chance to do so themselves by lifting the sanctions and squeezing Saddam and his co-horts. I am an expert on Iraq. I am a professor of History. I have studied the area extensively for over thirty five years. Bush and his co-horts, like yourself, are ignorant about Iraq and Arab affairs. There are solutions that they will not seek. They include active positive engagement with ALL Arab states. This requires tenacious diplomacy. Yes, the Iraqi people need to live in freedom, but they have a right to their resources. You need to educate yourself on this subject. Saddam is not Hitler. Iraq is not as capable as Germany. The only reason Iraq will be attacked because this administration can get away with it and most Americans are totally ignorant of the area. War is not a video game. The consequences of this war are dire. History has repeatedly shown that real change in the world happens without the need to go to war. The two major reasons the U.S. administration wishes to go to war have nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. The time is ripe and Iraq is ripe for the picking. Everyone despises Saddam, right? The real reasons are oil and Israel. Oil for America and their friends and Israeli domination of the area. The price will be paid by all, including Israel. This will not bring security to Israel nor the U.S. It is an immoral pre-emptive strike. If the U.S. truly wished to liberate these people I would be the first to volunteer, even though they will not take this older man. Yet, that is far removed from the truth. I have lived in Iraq and I have dealt very extensively with the opposition (INC). Many wish to merely change places with Saddam. The real movement to oust Saddam will come from within after the sanctions are removed. The UN and the world community can pressure Saddam. He will NOT live forever. His sons will not be able to rule as he did. The gig is almost up anyway. Why tens of thousands should pay the price is wrong. Read more from the real experts and not the usual suspects.
    Dr. Henry Stone
    Professor of History

  2. Jay Reding – can you act as good as Sean Penn? because if you can’t shut up. War is bad, people die and get hurt. Use words not guns – our world will be a better place.
    -Caitlin Clarke

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