Astronomical Fraud

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been the victim of obscene
amounts of fraud
, including shoddy contractor work, criminal employees, and hacking attempts.

As much as I’m a fan of space science, it’s clear that NASA can’t even get its act together on Earth, no less on major project such as the International Space Station. It’s time for the commercial exploration of space to kick in before NASA kicks it.

One thought on “Astronomical Fraud

  1. None of this is a suprise. I’ve been thinking for years that NASA should be eliminated and a new space program, preferably multinational, should be created to replace it- one with new goals, a new launch paradigm (let’s kiss the rockets goodbye), a new administration, and a decent budget. If only the US, Japan, France, and Germany united to create a new program, our combined resources could accomplish far more than we’ve managed alone.

    (Of course, I know that you’re no fan of multinational action, and you probably think that we should go it alone- but space doesn’t just belong to the US- or Russia- or (soon) China…)

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