Happy Halloween!

This Halloween be sure to be
politicially correct while trick-or-treating!

Personally, I’m going to go as a Democrat for Halloween. Which means that when trick-or-treaters come to my door I’m going to take 30% of their candy and lecture them on how greedy and selfish they are when they get upset at me for taking it. I figure the wee tykes could learn a few early lessons in economics.

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Jay,

    When you take the 30% please do not forget to tell the “wee tykes” that it 25% of the 30% you are taxing them goes to pay off the interest on our national debt, 6% goes to pay for the finest military in the world (I am not being sarcastic here), another 25% goes to pay for social security, 12% goes to paying for medicaid and medicare, and the remaining 32% goes to paying for things like foreign aid, the State Department, our excellent interstate system, funding for airports and their security, funding for the SEC and on and on and on.

    Please, while you are instructing them about economics and telling them about all the bad things their taxes will support, please do not forget to mention all the good things they will get as well.

  2. And let me add, I believe that taxes should be as low as possible. But let us remember that taxes are a necessary evil. If we do not tax ourselves how will we fund things like our army and our highways, the Justice Department, the CIA, etc. . . . . . . .

  3. When my girls and I got home after very good night trick-or-treating, we went through their bags and I began to take my usual “tax” on their candy.( anytime i take a bite of ice cream or a piece of candy from them I call it a “tax”) My oldest daughter started to complain that my “tax” was bigger than usual (she doesn’t mind if I only take a piece or two)Thats when I explained the progressive tax rate – the more you candy you get, the more I get to take. She thought that this was unfair in the extreme. Of course I explained how paying her “taxes” keeps the person suppling her room and board, clothing,education, etc, meaning me, happy and therefore benefits her greatly. She still thought that my progressive tax idea sucked and was unfair. I smiled….my lessons are taking hold.

  4. I was planning on throwing on a suit, shoving a pillow up my gut, and wearing a Frankenstein mask.

    I’d be the scariest monster in South Dakota: Bill Janklow.


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