Israel In Transition

The coalition government between the right-wing Likud and left-wing Labour parties has now collapsed with the Labour Party backing out. While this development seems negative, it appears that the actions of the Labour Party have essentially backfired on them. Said one Israeli:

"Ben-Eliezer’s political suicide only confirms to me that Labor doesn’t really care about the people," said Jon Fisher, 30, a Software Engineer living in Jerusalem.

"They’re the party of Oslo and Oslo only brought us more violence. Hopefully, Sharon and the right can now effectively fight terrorism without the constraints of having Labor in the government," he added.

The Israeli left as defined by Binyamin Ben-Eliezer and Shimon Peres had collapsed long before the ruling coalition did. The inability of the leftists to do anything to stem Palestinian terrorism through concessions has now left them utterly discredited in Israeli politics. Now that Sharon has a virtually free rein to form a more narrow right-wing coalition, expect Israel to become even more aggressive in their war against Palestinian terrorism.

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