Election Recap

Holy shit.

The margins for victory for the GOP last night were more than even I could have predicted. Not only did the GOP maintain the House, but won every single key race to retake the Senate as well. As I said last night, there’s very little good news for the Democrats today.

Here in Minnesota, the margin between Coleman and Mondale was about where I predicted it, with Coleman taking a narrow lead early on and never giving it up. Thune and Johnson will be interesting, expect that one to be the subject of much legal wrangling for a time, but in the end, even a Johnson win won’t matter.

It looks like Bush can once again get back on with his agenda. Not even a Lincoln Chafee defection can prevent the committeeships from being held in GOP hands. Things like judicial nominations and homeland security will finally get through the Senate, and the President’s agenda just got a very large mandate.

It’s a very good day for America.

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