The GOP Takes Charge

The Republican Party has maintained control of the US House, and has now taken control of the US Senate. Based on the current numbers, it appears as though both John Thune and Norm Coleman will take their Senate races in South Dakota and Minnesota respectively.

This is a major repudiation of the Democratic Party, and a major win for President Bush. There are a lot of factors which play into this win, but it is clear that voters have supported the GOP by margins that not even an old GOP partisan like myself could have predicted.

The GOP has a chance to remake American politics now – let’s hope they make the best of it.

4 thoughts on “The GOP Takes Charge

  1. Damnit. Janklow was elected. Look what you assholes did! At least he’ll be out of SD most of the time now…

    I predict that despite the change in the adgenda of Congress there will, as always, be little or no difference in the end results.

  2. It’s a real shame that Janklow won… I was up front at the SD Democrat’s party in Sioux Falls, and I watched Stephanie Herseth give her concession speech- she is absolutely adorable. Hell, she’s too cute to be in politics… but despite the loss this time, I think she’s got a bright future ahead of her. The fanatical crowd chanting “2004! 2004!” says it all… 🙂

  3. As for Tim Johnson- he won by 528 votes. 528. What a margin.

    This election restored my faith in Democracy… the cynical fence-sitter, after campaigning for two months for Tim Johnson as a “mercenary activist”, discovered that in the end, the election belongs to the people on the ground, not the people who own the airwaves or the celebrities that show up to rock the vote.

    This settles it. I’m going into politics. SD Legislative District 9, hear me roar!

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