Brilliant Bleatings

As I continually seem to point out James Lileks has another brilliant edition of the Bleat out. In it he talks about everything from pots and pans to the condescension of the left towards the right. (Apparently Republicans secretly hate the idea of black and white people being friends – which is odd, since I never got that memo from my Evil Right-Wing Overlords…) As Lileks notes:

Of course this mulish inability to understand the other side characterizes elements in both parties; duh. But when it pops out in movie reviews and mainstream editorials, when it has the casual conversational tone of received wisdom, I wonder how much it permeates the entire intellectual apparatus of modern liberalism.

As a persuasive tactic, it lacks.

Ah yes, but liberalism just wouldn’t be the same without the condescension, the paternalism, and constant moral grandstanding, would it? But enough of that, go read this Bleat. It’s up to James Lileks’ usual high standards and then a little bit more.

One thought on “Brilliant Bleatings

  1. “condescending”… “paternalism”… “moral grandstanding”…

    The hypocrisy mill is working overtime today, I see…

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