Death Fetish

James Lileks has another one of his brilliant bleatings on the subject of a piece of artwork that shows a man with a suicide belt strapped to his chest. It’s a typically great Lileks piece, and there’s far too many good points to do it justice, but there’s one especially worth quoting:

Look. The people who actually use these devices think they will be instantly whisked to heaven so they can poke holes in six dozen hymens. The people who use these belts kill women and children and young girls and old men. They blow their legs off. They shoot nails through their eye sockets. You who are so horrified by John Ashcroft’s piety are applauding people who think God tells them to kill everyone in a pizza parlor. The bomb belt is not a symbol.It’s not a metaphor. It is not a contemporary icon of power struggles and resistance. It’s a bomb belt. To put it in poster terms: it is bad for children and other living things, inasmuch as it throws their flesh on the walls and the streets. Can’t you find something else to play with?

Then again, to the twisted moral compass of the radical left, Jewish lives don’t mean anything because they are the "dominant" group of "oppressors". Old lies never seem to die…

4 thoughts on “Death Fetish

  1. Tell me this, however- how is this any different from:

    #1- Bombing and killing thousands of innocent civilians in a flaming holocaust. (Dresden)

    #2- Facing down hundreds of the best-equipped, best-trained troops in the world in an attempt to buy your fellow rebels time to prepare. (Lexington)

    #3- Nearly blowing two cities off the map with nuclear devices. (Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

    #4- Sending in thousands of conscripts to be slaughtered like cattle. (Manassas)

    We’ve fought for freedom, and we’ve had to do things that were suicidal or despicable in order to secure it. This isn’t moral relativism, this is reality- where people are willing to die for the freedom of their kindred, regardless of whether they believe that God will give them 72 virgins in the afterlife. Yes, Jewish lives do mean something. So do American lives, British lives, German lives, Japanese lives, Arab lives- and the lives of every other sentient on the planet. But when a people fight for freedom, the lives of those who would stand in the way of that freedom are forfeit- as were those of the Imperial British, the Nazi Germans, and today- the Israeli invaders. Until they are willing to give the Palestinians back their land and recognize them as something more than second-class citizens, members of an “inferior” race and religion, there will be no peace.

    The Jews deserve Palestine about as much as the Chinese deserve Tibet. To not condemn Israel’s actions is to applaud a conquerer- it is the moral equivalent of patting Saddam Hussein or Mao Zedong on the back.

    And let’s face it- supporting Israel is just a political ploy, and not such a cleverly disguised one at that. It’s a ploy to steal Jewish sentiments in this country away from the Democratic party, and a ploy to gain an ally in the Middle East that will help us aquire the one resource that region of the world has that we’re interested in, and I’m sure you know what that is. If they had no black gold beneath their deserts, we’d leave them alone to spend their days praying to Allah- we’d pay about as much attention to them as we do to Bhutan.

    Get real, Jay. Your Zionism is wearing a little thin.

  2. Hi. I’m a republican. I belive in killing all the poor people and giving their money to the rich people like me. We should burn down all the national forrests and buy gas-guzzling SUVs so we create global warming and do nothing about it by claiming it doesn’t exst. I, as a republican, exist in this world. We sould take away everyone’s human rights except ours, and call everyone terroists except us. REPUBLICANS RULE!!

  3. "Hi, I’m a Democrat. I can’t construct a cogent argument, spell correctly, or say anything other than mindless slogans!"

    And the Democrats wonder why mainstream America has abandoned them…

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