Something About Glass Houses?

Tom Daschle is complaining about
"shrill partisan rhetoric"
. (I don’t think Sen. Daschle quite grasps the irony of that statement either.) To Daschle, Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are causing the rhetoric in politics to become even more partisan. Of course, I don’t think Daschle would say the same of say, Michael Moore or Barbara Streisand or James Carville or any other the host of left-wing ideologues who make their living feeding on the fears that the Evil Republicans(tm) are coming to take away Social Security, civil right, and place Granny in a detention camp.

According to Sen. Daschle, the reason the Democratic Party lost in the midterm election is because "they didn’t get their message out to the people."

Then again, one wonders if Sen. Daschle has ever considered that the American people did get the message, and simply didn’t like what they heard?

One thought on “Something About Glass Houses?

  1. Considering less than have (wasn’t it almost a third) of registered voters even voted, and registered voters only make up about half of the eligible population, the only thing that can be inffered is that people just don’t really give a damn.

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