Diversity Is More Than Skin Deep

Katherine Kersten (of the Center for the American Experiment) has a great article on the lack of ideological diversity on college campuses. While colleges go out of their way to get students from differing racial backgrounds, they are hostile environments for people who think outside of the leftist worldview of academia.

Today, American universities are the last place that young people should look for diversity. Though these institutions enroll students of different colors, they lack the sort of diversity that is critical to a free society — a diversity of ideas, of philosophical and political perspectives. One can find a wider spectrum of thought and opinion in any bowling alley or fast-food restaurant than in the faculty lounges of a typical American university.

The goal of academia is not to engender leftist groupthink, but to actively persue knowledge. The academy must realize that true diversity is not found in the color of a students skin, but in their worldview. The last few years have seen colleges turn from the goal of getting students think to creating students who have been indoctrinated into the worldview of the left. If the academy wants to fulfill its mission, this is a trend that must change.

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