Iran Democracy Watch

Michael Ledeen points out that half a million demonstrators marched for democracy in Iran recently, although you’d never know it from the mainstream media.

It’s clear that the media is missing a very big and very important story here. Then again, covering the beginnings of a pro-democracy movement in an Islamic theocracy doesn’t seem to be as important as Baby-Dangling Michael or who slutty Christina Aguilara can get this week…

2 thoughts on “Iran Democracy Watch

  1. Yes, this has been going on in Iran for some time now however I’m almost glad it’s stayed under the media radar. The last thing we need right now is to interfere over there. They’re doing fine on thier own.

  2. I think we have to help the iranian people …..they dont have enough people and weapons to back them up and they deserve it…..WE HAVE TO HELP!!!

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