Something To Be Thankful For

This Thanksgiving Day, 261 people were nearly killed by two terrorist missiles. I’ve heard that the missiles missed the aircraft by a matter of a few feet. Had they hit their mark, the aircraft would have been destroyed.

Maybe providence was looking out for the passengers of Arkia Airlines flight IZ582. We’ll never know. However, they’re alive, and there are a lot of people whose loved ones made it back to Israel alive. For them, this is certainly a day of thanksgiving.

Yet it is also a day when we realize that this war is going to be very long and very ugly. As long as those terrorists live, they will try again. Sooner or later, they will hit their mark – and that could as easily be an American airplane they hit as an Israeli one. As long as they are are alive, they will keep attacking – which is why we must ensure that they don’t live long.

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