The Kissinger Choice

I haven’t blogged on the choice of Henry Kissinger to head the September 11 inquiry, and I find that NZ Bear’s thoughts on the subject closely mirror my own. Personally, I think much of the crticism of Kissinger is somewhat unwarranted, and Kissinger is a rather astute scholar of foreign relations.

But there’s something about this appointment that doesn’t feel right. Part of it is knowing that Kissinger is far too close to the Saudis. The other part of it is that no matter what Kissinger’s qualifications may be, he’s damaged goods. There’s an air to him that simply makes him the wrong man for the job. I can understand having him as a member of the committee, but as the head he’s bad choice. If Bush’s goal is to examine the operations of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, the last thing that he should want is someone who is far too close to their chief financiers.

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