The Last Taboo

It seems like colleges and universities, which are supposed to be places of compassion and tolerance are displaying increasing amounts of old-fashioned anti-Semitism. (Even Minnesota is not immune from this sickening prejudice.)

It goes to show that much of the multicultural agenda was never about real multiculturalism. Rather, it was and is a system in which "oppressor" cultures like America and Israel are looked at as evil, while anyone belonging to a "victimized" group is automatically better. It’s simply trading one set of biases for another. Since Israel is a "dominant" culture and the Palestinians are "oppressed" far too many in the left are perfectly willing to ignore or downplay the cruelty that has swept Palestine and endangers not only Israeli lives but the future of the Palestinians as well.

2 thoughts on “The Last Taboo

  1. I guess breaking the rules is okay now if you’re jewish.

    What the hell.

    Regardless, this seems like only a moderate infraction and they’ll probably be up and running again in no time. Bet you won’t report that.

    St. Cloud state appears to be pretty bad across the entire racial spectrum, however being anti-semetic apparantly is much worse than say hating blacks or asians.

    One of these days you need stop confusing anti-radical-zionism with anti-semitism… then you’ll understand a great deal more of the left.

  2. Mr. Beverage is on a roll today… once again, he echoes my sentiments completely.

    I’m not anti-semitic- I’m anti-zionist. I admire the Jewish people- they just need to play by the rules the rest of us do (the same goes for the Chinese… and everyone else…)

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