For The Good Of The Nation

Trent Lott’s spokespeople are still saying that the embattled Senator will not step down from his leadership post.

For the good of not only the GOP, but for the country, Lott should step down. Even a tacit public endorsement of such vile parts of American history as segregation and Jim Crow is unacceptable in the 21st Century. If Lott cannot see the sense in stepping down, the GOP should take action and not vote him in as the Majority Leader for the next session.

One thought on “For The Good Of The Nation

  1. It figures that you are more interested in “the GOP” and “the country” than you are in the principle that the exercise of free speech ought not to be punished. It seems curious, but not surprising, to me that the right and left are in agreement on this, liberty be damned. Another indication that neither conservatives nor liberals live up to their self-given names.

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