Why I Was Away…

Since I missed a weekend full of news, I’ll just catch up now…

Trent Lott apologized again, but didn’t step down as majority leader. Please, would someone in the GOP put that putz out to pasture?

Oh wait, it looks like that’s going to happen anyway.

If ousted as Majority Leader, Trent Lott may leave the Senate. Does anyone see a problem with that? No? Good.

In other getting-the-hell-out related news Henry Kissinger has left the September 11 panel. Kissinger may be a smart guy, but he wasn’t the right guy for the job.

Al Gore proved that he’s a better actor than a politician on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. Then again, he’s known for adopting whatever persona his handlers tell him to, so acting should be natural for him. Since he’s not running in 2004 perhaps they can make him a regular castmember?

One thought on “Why I Was Away…

  1. “Kissinger may be a smart guy, but he wasn’t the right guy for the job [of investigating September 11].

    Translation: He’s so much of an obvious liar and a crook that *even* the Bush Administration, crawling with Reagan era slimeballs, worry he will louse up their political PR campaign posing as an investigation, which they’ve always opposed.

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