War By February

The latest news confirms what my sources have been saying for some time: late January will likely see the start of war against Iraq. It is increasingly clear that Saddam Hussein has no intention of revealing the true extent of his collection of weapons of mass destruction. He is entirely unwilling to cooperate with the UN in any meaningful way.

The fact is, most of the diplomatic wrangling that has occurred in the past few months is nothing but an elaborate charade. We know that Hussein is lying – we’ve known it for quite some time. We also have a good idea of what will happen when the hammer falls. All we’ve needed is time to put the pieces into place and get our equipment and troops on the move.

When we do hit, it will be fast and hard, and Hussein will likely not have much time to react before his country is free.

2 thoughts on “War By February

  1. Yeah. But it is more than enough to blow up everything of value and deploy every WMD he has in stock. This should be great.

  2. Jay, although I do not share your optimism as to the rapidity of our campaign I am hopeful. Preventing Hussein from attaining nuclear weapons is an urgent and vital national task. Freeing his country is important too, but secondary to WMD. Let us hope that our prayers are with our brave soldiers when they do fight. It is time to finish this.

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