Renewing The WTC

The plans for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site are now available to the public for comments. While they are certainly bold and original, they also have the side-effect of sticking out in the New York skyline like Shaquille O’Neal at a midget convention.

All of the entries are a mismash of various odd geometric shapes in steel and glass. Now I’m all for avant-garde architecture, but not when it sticks out like a sore thumb. One wonders if the architects ever actually looked at the skyline of New York. Buildings like the Chrystler Building and the Empire State Building are symbols of New York. I was hoping that one of the plans would carry that kind of art-deco style into the 21st Century in some way.

Still, some of the designs are very eye-catching and feature some very breathtaking interior spaces. However, whatever may stand on that site may never replace those two shining towers that we all now look upon with fondness and regret.

3 thoughts on “Renewing The WTC

  1. I voted for option one. Definetly the best looking without being too odd looking.

    Personally I prefer mine ( to all of them.

    Hey, I needed something to start learning Maya with. 🙂

  2. Now that is just sweet looking… personally, I like that design better than most of the proposal’s I’ve seen.

    I’ve tried to get into Maya, but I could never get my head around the interface. It looks like you’ve got one hell of a good start in it….

  3. Maya kicks the crap out of Lightwave as for tasks such as modeling and texturing, however I haven’t yet scrathed the surface as far as animating… Lightwave still reigns supreme there.

    Didn’t even know you were still into that. 🙂

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