Firefly – Or Why Does Good TV Have To Die?

NZ Bear reminds the blogosphere to support Joss Whedon’s Firefly, which has been cancelled by Fox due to some surprisingly low ratings.

Despite the fact that Firefly’s ratings were abysmal, it was a show that had intelligence and snappy dialog. Part of its problems were being scheduled in Fox’s Timeslot of Death(tm) on Friday nights and constant preemption. With time, advertising, and the kind of word of mouth it has, it could thrive on another network.

It really annoys me that the shows that don’t assume their audience is a bunch of idiots are the first to find the axe. If I had a couple hundred million dollars lying around in the bank, I’d be creating a network just to pick up the shows that the other major networks left behind. With such quality programming as Crusade, Farscape, and Firefly being unceremoniously dumped by the major networks there’d be no shortage of quality programming to choose from.

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