One Million Dollars

The cast of the soullest crapfest known as Friends are now getting one million dollars per episode. NBC is paying $9 million per episode for a half-hour comedy series.

Meanwhile, shows that don’t assume their audience has actual functioning brains and show an ounce of creativity and life like Firefly get cancelled.

I can only hope that there is a very special place in hell reserved for television executives. Hopefully it involves watching dreck like Friends for all eternity while being dry-humped by prong-phallused sore-covered imps.

Then again, I’m a bastard that way.

One thought on “One Million Dollars

  1. Holy living crap, something we agree on.

    Anyway, have you been to Firefly yet? They’re doing the “avalanche of postcards” tactic that kept the X-Files around to convince other networks to take on Firefly. (Fox is letting Joss Whedon shop the show around.) Toasting the ‘nads of television executives throughout eternity is all well and good, but it doesn’t keep the show around. This just might.

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