More Signs

The Pentagon is beginning to rapidly deploy forces to the Persian Gulf, in what appears to be the beginning of a ramp-up to war in Iraq. This should prove that we’re not backing down on Iraq, but rather we’ve been waiting until the time was right to strike – the time when the UN inspections have failed and the conditions are optimal for military activity in the region.

My prediction is that after Hans Blix’s report is presented on January 27, the President will release information that shows that US intelligence has proven conclusively that Iraq has lied about the WMD capability. At the same time, the first air sorties will soften up Iraq for invasion and Saddam’s mobile Scud launchers will be destroyed. (Expect to see some new technology deployed in the first wave dedicated to removing Saddam Hussein’s ability to send orders to his troops.)

This is going to be a war of speed and technology in order to minimize casualties on both sides. If anything, I’m expecting the fall of Iraq to be much faster than anyone is expecting.

Even so, to those soldiers and sailors departing for the Gulf on this holiday season, good luck and godspeed.

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